Announcing Ethos — Talent Strategy for Tech Companies

What’s in a Name?

We take our name very seriously because it completely encapsulates all that we do.

What We Do

We help grow companies by setting a vision and establishing practices that give purpose to the individuals who make them up while still serving the bottom line. People make or break companies; we’re in the business of turning every team member into a positive change-maker.


Companies that are diverse are 35% more profitable than ones that are not. To generate the largest marketplace of ideas within an organization and truly innovate, more unique perspectives need to be heard. This is especially true in tech, where the competitive advantage stems from innovation.

Hiring Practices

30% of your new hires will leave in the first six months, and 17% in just the first three. And, as a tech company, you’re dealing with some of the shortest tenures across industries: employees stay for 1 to 2 years.

Teaching Love. Scaling Empathy. Founder & CEO of Ethos Talent. Executive Director of Embolden & Co. Program Director for 1871’s WIC Accelerator.

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