Clayton, I understand your argument, and I do think a range can make sense and that no one standard fits every person. But that’s exactly why I’m wary of a tech culture that says hustling harder, no days off, and work after midnight is how you show value. I personally struggle with overwork, with weeks of over 60 hours simply because my job should really be done by more people but our team needs to run lean. And I went years with that being fine, or at least I thought I did. But this tech ethos makes it very hard to ever scale back, even when you are more efficient and can do it all in less time. There’s a common feeling I hear all the time — “I don’t want to be first to leave the office. It shows I’m not committed.” That’s what I want to correct.

Teaching Love. Scaling Empathy. Founder & CEO of Ethos Talent. Executive Director of Embolden & Co. Program Director for 1871’s WIC Accelerator.

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