My Least Favorite Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Question

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

We are all interconnected in our humanity, and we will all feel the effects of pain, joy, death, love, and so much more. But that doesn’t mean we’re all the same, not as humans and not in identity groups. To talk about a person in terms of just one social identity denies them the right to a full individual identity, one shaped by different experiences, thoughts, feelings, motivations, and so much more.

We do need to understand different social identities, but not in this framework of “what type are you?” so much as “who are you?” Yes, this is very individual and hard to scale, but it’s also the best tool we have for mutual understanding and appreciation.

We don’t need category definitions, we need individual stories that form interlinking, sometimes corroborating and sometimes conflicting composites. And they need to come from the individuals who are living these stories.

Teaching Love. Scaling Empathy. Founder & CEO of Ethos Talent. Executive Director of Embolden & Co. Program Director for 1871’s WIC Accelerator.

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