Thank you for your thoughtful response. I understand your situation, and I think the points you make are valid.

When I use the term “socialized,” I don’t mean “socializing” or privileging extroversion. 40% of Americans are introverts, so this was put undue pressure on a sizeable portion employees in most work environments.

What I mean, instead, is that often underrepresented groups are ignored or left out within office settings. They are not given a choice. They don’t know who their teammates are or who they might ask for help if they needed it. They have relatively little understanding of who works in their company and what they do.

Providing access to information around peers, colleagues, and leaders is important, as is opening an invitation to engage with them. There should not be pressure on the employee to accept if it doesn’t directly impact the work.

I also whole-heartedly agree with your comment on personality. I strongly discourage hiring individuals based on their personalities or measuring their performance based on their personalities. I tried to make this clear in my objections section. Different personality types can and should be embraced within a work environment, and their exclusion runs counter to an inclusive culture.

I appreciate your engagement.

Teaching Love. Scaling Empathy. Founder & CEO of Ethos Talent. Executive Director of Embolden & Co. Program Director for 1871’s WIC Accelerator.

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